Connect Media Group offers a unique marketing concept that combines a strong exposure with the effectiveness of personal communication:
Mobile Glass Showcase Truck. With the rental of our unique fleet of Glass Showcase Trucks we serve three distinct markets: marketing roadshows, exhibitions and sports events.

The state-of-the-art customized truck allows visitors to experience first-hand technology and products in action. We have flat screen TV that describes products in details while a large touch screen television offers an in-depth look of overall product offering, product videos, control simulators and a corporate video that highlights the company’s core values.

Mobile Glass Showcase Truck is a spectacular and highly impactful environment with which you can engage your target consumers, generate product exposure or entertain your VIP guests, create impact with audience for both experiential, hospitality and TV Studio requirements, making is comfortably usable for a wide variety of applications.

Our trucks includes power distribution and lighting in order that the product or message is the center of consumer focus. This state of the art design can be deployed within minutes at your event sites and can equally be used as a demonstration feature in transit. We can create a custom wrap for the whole truck or any part of the truck depending on your specs and design.

We offer a complete package of logistical, technical and organizational support on site, so you can concentrate on your customers, guests and visitors at all times.

Mobile Glass Showcase Truck outdoor advertising vehicle is utilized to deliver a live 3-dimensional brand experience to consumers on the streets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and many other cities.