Mobile Billboards create the best results when used for:

• Special Events
• Grand Openings
• Conventions
• Career Fairs
• Holidays
• College Events
• Retail Promotions
• Political Events
• Corporate Branding

Evening Routes - Your Ad is seen like never before...Beautifully backlit as it rolls past consumers in the evening, grabbing attention like nothing else on the road.

Mobile billboards come in three basic varieties:
frontlit, backlit for the best nighttime coverage and video display. They are a perfect medium for target marketing. Essentially billboards on wheels, they can literally be driven directly to your audience wherever they are — even in hard to reach locations. These mobile ads can also follow an audience as they move about popular areas. This is especially effective if you are looking to advertise at a large event or convention.

We can customize your billboard’s route to direct your message to a well-defined area. And with our impressive 24/7 GPS Satellite Tracking you will have peace-of-mind in knowing that your campaign is being conducted with the utmost care and accuracy. You can easily check for yourself anytime over the internet with our provided third-party GPS tool on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone Compelling Delivery.

People are literally fascinated by the rotation and placement of our Mobile Billboards – Never Boring.
• Our method of delivery equals serious impact.
• The movement of the Billboard Truck an experience for customers.
• Dept. of Transportation data allows us to maximize impressions.
• Wow, factor – people go out of their way to look at our product.

Your ads demand it – and we deliver. We go where buyers go!
• You name the target and we become the driving force to hit it.
• We bring more bang for your buck
• Reach your target audients daily.
• Deliver your message over and over for less.